Swelling, tightness, aching arches and burning feet can all be unfortunate problems experienced in pregnancy.

The team at FootSense can help. See below for the summary from the video.

Swelling and aching can be caused by:

  • Displaced fluid in the body (from baby taking up space) ends up pooling in the legs and feet
  • The hormone Relaxin softens ligaments in your body, preparing you for labour and birth. This can also have an effect on the ligaments in your feet
  • Extra weight will always have an effect on the feet. Most pregnant women gain 8kg-20kg during a pregnancy, so this will have an effect on the amount of work her feet are doing.
  • A change in the mechanics of the lower limb. The pelvis rotates to accommodate baby and prepare for birth. This affects the feet, which may now sit in a different position.

You can reduce these symptoms by:

  • Keeping active. Swimming, walking, and cycling are all good options. This will move fluid and keep muscles strong
  • Keep your legs elevated as much as you can, this will stop the fluid from pooling.
  • Have a pregnancy massage. Shannon – one of our podiatrists, is trained in fluid-moving massage of the legs and feet. These are especially important in the last trimester.
  • Stretch. Gentle stretching of the calfs and feet will prevent tightness of muscles, and help you keep moving.
  • Seeing a podiatrist. We can advise you on footwear, stretching, and if necessary we can prescribe you a temporary orthotic to help with the new challenges your legs and feet are facing.
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