Surgical Procedures

Verruca Needling Procedure

FootSense Podiatry is one of the ONLY clinics in Auckland to offer this treatment.

Verrucae are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). "Needling" uses your body's immune system to fight this virus. Your podiatrist numbs the area with a local anaesthetic (expect a sting). Once you are numb, we begin to puncture the verruca with a very small needle (you can't feel this). By puncturing the verruca, we are forcing the viral cells to come into contact with your immune system cells. Once your immune system is alerted to the virus, it will systematically destroy it. Only one treatment is needed, and you can get back to your normal activities the next day!

Clinically, FootSense has had a very high success rate with this procedure, so if you are worried you have a verruca, call or email us NOW. You can also book online.

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Partial Nail Avulsion - PNA - (For ingrown nails)

This procedure would be recommended to you if you are having problems with recurring ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails can occur due to a genetic curve of your nail, damage to the nail, or from cutting the nail too far down the side. A lot of people try to "fix" the ingrown nail themselves, and in fact make it much worse.

The best thing to do is see the podiatrists at FootSense to have the nail assessed. We will discuss the possibility of surgery if conservative treatment hasn't helped you enough.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. First, we numb the toe with a local anaesthetic - this does sting a little, but we have developed an injection technique that even the most needle-phobic patients tolerate! Once you're numb, we gently and cleanly remove the offending nail edge. A chemical can then be applied to the cleared nail bed so that the ingrown section of the nail cannot return. Studies show statistically there is only approximately a 5% chance of regrowth when treated this way.

Call or email NOW if you would like to discuss your ingrown nail. You can also book online.

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If you’re interested in nail cutting, corns and callus removal, verruca surgery or a biomechanical assessment we’d like to help.

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