Skin & Nail General Care

Why do I need my feet maintained by a podiatrist?

General Care is about looking after your feet before anything actually goes wrong. We recommend people come in to see us anywhere from six-monthly to six-weekly.

What is General Care?

From toenail cutting, corn and callus removal, to diabetic foot checks and ingrown toenail management and treatment. These are all services offered in our Royal Oak clinic.

How it works…

Come in to see us for an initial assessment. Your personal podiatrist will assess your feet, treat the nails and skin, and work with you to put a plan in place to maintain them over the year.


Callus is hard skin that builds up when there is excess pressure in an area of the skin. This is one of the ways the skin protects itself. Callus can become irritating if left to build up. Our podiatrists are able to remove callus quickly, and painlessly.


Corns are made from the same hard skin as callus, but they are shaped like a cone with the pointed end irritating the soft skin underneath - this is why corns hurt! The good news is, corns are not painful to remove, so book in with one of our podiatrists today.

How can we help?

If you’re interested in nail cutting, corns and callus removal, verruca surgery or a biomechanical assessment we’d like to help.

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You can also give us a call on 09 625 9785 or email us on

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